With Family Outreach & Community Intervention Services (FOCIS) we are able to help our community where it is needed most.  We provide a comprehensive network of interactive services and programs countrywide; providing hope in seemingly hopeless situations and circumstances.  We work closely with community leaders and planners promoting and educating our neighbors about health, gang awareness, domestic violence, drug/alcohol abuse, sexual abuse and more.

We impart and encourage character building, healthy interactions and reconciliation of broken families -
FOCIS extends its services throughout our communities to those individuals in need of assistance. Throughout numerous outreach programs FOCIS provides an awareness of its services to those hard to reach individuals who traditionally are overlooked.

FOCIS aims to meet the needs of every age, race & lifestyle, one individual at a time.

It is time to rise up and take action!  Social awareness and community involvement are imperative to making a difference in our communities!

• Project Compassion – FOCIS has a team that is specifically trained and prepared as a Crisis Response Team for family members and loved ones of murder victims.  Support and hope is immediately available and continues to help them through their grieving process.
• Curfew Sweeps – working closely with police and other community based organizations impacting gang activity and crime in our neighborhoods, providing juvenile diversion and crisis intervention.

Our programs and services assist youth, families, ex-felons and their families and more.  We believe in being proactive in the battle against negative influences and pressures in our lives.